Discover Mezcal – The Rising Star of London Drinking

Discover Mezcal – The Rising Star of London Drinking

What defines Mexican culture? The people and their lively spirit. The food and its unique flavours. And of course, their world-loved drinks.. As if there is one thing Mexicans know how to do, it’s party. There is a rising star on the London scene when it comes to Mexican spirits.. Read on to discover all about the spirit of the moment.

What is Mexico’s signature drink? 

You can’t say Mexico drinks without mentioning tequila.  Of all the most shots in Mexico – this infamous spirit takes the title. Whether taken with a slice of lemon and lick of salt, in a classic margarita or sipped slow –  it’s one of the most popular drinks worldwide and on every good cocktail list in London. If you love your tequila, come and discover your favourite. In our masterclasses you can try our 150 varieties carefully selected for every palette. A little like Chardonnay is a type of wine, Tequila is a type of Mezcal – the wider term given for Mexican spirits. Confused? Let us explain.

What is Mezcal? 

Mezcal could be considered tequila’s smoky brother, they are both made from agave though have very distinctive tastes and qualities that every expert bar man worth his salt could tell you about. While tequila is made from one particular type of agave (agave tequiliana) , mescal can be made from a much wider variety.  Did you know tequila is actually a town in Mexico? This is in a region where much tequila is produced. Mescal is produced in a different region which influences its different flavours, texture and what cocktails it is used for. 

What does Mezcal taste like? 

Mezcal is most often described as smoky, though it can have earthy, floral or even fruity notes. It really depends on the bottle. Everything from the region it’s produced to how long it has been aged can affect the finishing taste. Its popularity had been on the rise since 2010 gathering fans and inspiring bars dedicated to Mezcal based drinks from San Francisco to New York.

What determines a good Mezcal? 

While one man’s Bollinger is another man’s Moet… When it comes to drinks we all like something different. Like wines and tequila’s, mezcal comes in a wide range of flavours, textures and bottles. One good indication of a high quality mezcal is to shake the bottle and if small pearly bubbles form at the top – you are on to a good one. The aroma will also give away a mezcal you will enjoy, follow your nose. And of course, taking a sip of the spirit on its own before adding it to cocktails will make sure you’ve found your perfect match. 

What cocktails does Mezcal make? 

Mezcal can add a smoky kick to many cocktails though there are a few that it was made for. The Old Fashioned is one of them. A delicious blend of agave nectar and house selected bitters that can be sipped long into the early hours. It also adds a smoky twist on the Summer classic – Negroni. This tasty little number started showing up on cocktail menus in the early 2000’s and one thing is for sure – it looks like a spirit here to stay. 

Ready to try your first mezcal? Head to our bar and allow our expert bar team to whip you up your perfect drink. It could be your new favourite.