Love your Tequila? Become an expert in our Tequila Masterclass

Love your Tequila? Become an expert in our Tequila Masterclass

Love your Tequila?

Become an expert in our Tequila Masterclass

Whether you are a tequila lover or a tequila virgin, our Tequila masterclasses in Chelsea or Battersea will leave you a connoisseur. If you’re planning a trip to Mexico or simply love your Mexican food and cocktails, learning the distinctive tasting notes of the best tequila’s will transform every meal into a whole new experience.  And presides… every dinner party needs a tequila expert at the table. After your masterclass, that expert will be you. 

What happens at a Tequila Masterclass? 

The Welcome

First, let’s get you comfortable. On arrival at Azteca you will receive a Mexican style welcome from our friendly staff and guided to our relaxed bar. Here you will meet your tequila expert who’ll get you ready to discover the rich, colourful world of tequila. Prepare to get learning and tasting some of the best tequila’s and mezcals Mexico has to offer accompanied with delicious Mexican snacks and a relaxed and friendly environment. Questions are welcomed and of course if you do know a bit about tequila yourself, do share. Now is the time to show-off your knowledge.

The History

Your expert will take you on a colourful trip through the history of tequila from the comfort of your bar stool. They will tell you all about the wildly contrasting regions it’s produced and the effects this has on the taste. You will discover all about  the production process and what are the most popular tequilas and mezcals. As you will learn, not all tequilas are made equal. By the time you are finished, you will know exactly how to recognise a top quality spirit and where to find the best ones. 

The Tasting

Now for the fun part, you get to sip your way through Mexico on a tasting tour of our extensive tequila’s and mezcals. Your expert will guide you through the different tasting notes, flavours and what the spirits pair best with. And of course, there will be some delicious Mexican snacks to soak the shots up with. Feel free to share your preferences and favourite cocktails, your expert could whip you up your top tipple with a tequila twist. 

The After Party

After your tequila masterclass, you’ve probably worked up quite an appetite.  Join us for a sit down meal in our vibrant Cantina where you can sample the full menus washed down with your new favourite drink. Dig into juicy tacos, fresh tortillas and colourful ceviches as you kick back and relax. Our chefs will fire you up a Mexican feast packed with the bold and spicy flavours of Mexico at your private table. And after you’re finished? Head back to the bar of course…

Ready to book? 

We look forward to hosting you and your friends whether for an unforgettable party, fun weekend or pre-holiday tequila training. Our dedicated events team is available for any questions and to cater to any special requests. Please find the best ways to get in touch with them here.